B to C Marketers: Heads Down for Holidays Catalogs!

I was chatting with Lilliane LeBel yesterday, our Senior Strategist and Customer Research Consultant.  Having just returned from vacation, I asked Lilliane how she’s finding the business climate right now, especially among the B to C marketers we serve who have a huge holiday focus.

I asked: “Are the folks you’re talking to wanting to discuss growing their search campaigns, building out display networks, revving up their Content Marketing Strategies or updating their Customer Satisfaction Research?”

“There’s some of that happening,” Lilliane replied, “but many teams have their heads down for the holidays.”

We get it.  It’s countdown time if you make it or break it during the holiday season.  But, consider taking a bit of time to lift your head up and re-check both the temperature of your customer base and your emerging opportunities in the digital spaces.

And make sure you’ve got all the nuances of Google Enhanced Campaigns figured out before things rev up.  We’ll be tossing out some tips over the next couple of weeks because we’ve been working within Enhanced for a while now and there are some tricky parts.

You already know that, as hard as time is to come by right now, investing any extra time now can pay big premiums in Q4.  If any of our specialists can lend a hand, please let us know.

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