B2B Manufacturing Company Finds Success with LinkedIn

by Christine Doan, Associate Paid Search and Social Analyst

The Challenge

Many placements and platforms offer broad targeting options instead of the narrow, specialized targeting most B2B companies need to find qualified leads.  For our manufacturing client with an innovative and highly specialized product new to the market, getting in front of a qualified person was even more crucial.

The challenge was to identify the ideal prospect as well as the distinct characteristics of that prospect. Once we had this defined, we would select the appropriate platform for promoting to that prospective audience and create captivating content to engage them.

The Platform

By working closely with both the client’s marketing team and its technical specialists, we were able to define highly specific characteristics of their target audience. This data was compiled from the client’s analytics data, anecdotal information from seasoned sales representatives as well as data from our previous social campaigns. The result was a target market clearly defined by location, age, and job title. We determined that LinkedIn would be the most viable placement because it is the leading social platform for the ad targeting of job titles.

The Process

To leverage the unique targeting capabilities of LinkedIn, we focused on a category of specialized products to begin our test on this platform. Our client put together a relevant and timely article for the industry while we used that content as leverage to create highly informative ad copy.  Initial results were encouraging with a CTR between 0.15-0.25% and an average CPC of $6.50.    However, when looking at an earlier Google AdWords campaign as a type of benchmark with an average CTR 2.3% and average CPC of $2.30, we determined that further narrowing of our targeting scope should be tested.

In our second LinkedIn campaign, we put our heads together with the marketing and technical specialists to select one product for our focus. With the synergy and expertise of these specialists, we were able to create a highly refined audience list as well as content that showcased the target audience’s specific interests while also representing the unique value proposition of the company.


The new LinkedIn campaign achieved results that exceeded client expectations, with an average 0.95% CTR and a significantly less expensive average CPC of $4.05. We’ve found this to be evidence to a few crucial processes in making a winning social B2B campaign.

  1. Synergy between marketing and technical specialists leads to the most informed decisions.
  2. Taking the time to narrowly define the audience and determine the right social platform is critical for success.
  3. When targeted correctly, LinkedIn has the potential to be an affordable and successful marketing strategy.


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