Casco Bay at Sunset – What it taught me



Portland, Maine’s Casco Bay is full of delights, not the least of which is paddling out in a sea kayak on a summer’s day, about an hour before sunset and waiting.

The experience taught me a couple things.

First, if you want to languish a bit on the trip out and not paddle too hard, don’t sit in the front of the tandem because your backseat driver can see that you’re taking a break – and prod you with her paddle. My bay-going partner was Grace Reynolds, my daughter and a student intern I’m supervising for my favorite non-profit, Media Power for Youth. Grace is a social media specialist who is helping me build the organization’s first crowdfunding campaign and systematizing it to offer to other non-profits early in 2017.

My second lesson:  time spent waiting is not necessarily wasted.  While we can’t always change the pace of everything we hope to achieve in our business and personal lives, we can observe ourselves during the process and learn how to be more patient and more productive during times that require patience. Just having time to be in the stillness of the sea with my daughter reminded me how terribly rich quiet times are and that I need to plan for more and more of same.

Lastly, I thought about our clients. I know the pressures they are feeling as the ways of their customers keep changing, and the role of their websites becomes more important every day to the success of their businesses. So often, they are rushed from project to project, tactic to tactic, without enough marketing help to achieve all their numbers comfortably. That’s why our team @Website Publicity is always ready to grab an oar and move smoothly in tandem as they position themselves to take in the glorious sunset after a productive, fulfilling day.


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