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@Website Publicity History & Mission

@Website Publicity was founded in 1998 by Susan O’Neil. The mission of the company is to provide clients with the best digital marketing results possible while providing exceptional client service. We strongly believe that both results and service are important to the client. We were one of the first companies in the northeast to focus our marketing expertise on search marketing. We have been with Google since the beginning and have enjoyed participating in the changing digital landscape. Our collective years of experience can help your company navigate the future.

To assure optimum client service, all of our business relationships are entered into with the expectation that all parties will be honest and straightforward; that mutual success is the goal of all transactions; and that cordiality and fast response times are both essential parts of communication. To assure we deliver professional digital marketing services, we continually invest in our people, processes and technologies. We have grown and changed with the times to offer additional services like social media and video production. We are committed to innovating new ways to bring your business to market.

Like most people, the staff of @WSP like to feel we are, in some small way, helping the world be a better place. So, in addition to offering pro bono services to at least one non-profit each year, selected by the grant making committee of New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility, we provide our expertise and services to additional non-profit organizations at a discounted rate. We also encourage and support our team members who volunteer for such organizations and have a particular focus on organizations that help keep kids safe and healthy in our communities.

“Website Publicity’s strategists have been very receptive to new ideas and are able to move quickly to implement the latest solutions to keep clients on the cutting edge of PPC marketing.”– Connor Green, Google

@Website Publicity Difference

Guiding Clients through the Omni-Channel World of Digital Marketing

Reasons To Work With Our Digital Marketing Experts
Our clients come to us when they’re worried about not having the in-house marketing resources to support their business goals; when their search marketing campaigns have stalled; when they see their competitors dominate social media; when their email marketing program is underperforming industry averages; or because they are new to selling on Amazon.

As a Google Certified Agency Partner, we have the tools and the expertise to be a dedicated and successful extension of your team. And we can bring our clients into Google beta programs before their competitors, giving our clients an extra edge over the competition.

We Are A Good Fit For Your Business and Customers
We are the right fit for your business if you want a relationship instead of just a service. We want to build a long term relationship with our clients so we value our partnerships. We are the right fit for your business if you value community, honesty, personal responsibility and fun.

We believe in providing our clients with exceptional customer service. We believe in order to succeed our partners and clients need to succeed. The critical ingredient to mutual success is thoughtful communication with emotional intelligence. We believe in transparency. If you need to build a better roadmap, partner with a team who will help you follow it faithfully.

Content Marketing and Video Production for Social Media
We are skilled social media practitioners who can run campaigns on any social media platform. We are currently working with a number of clients to improve their social media performance so we have extensive work experience to help your campaign live up to expectation.

We also have an award winning video production crew that is ready to create the content you need to promote your brand and sell your products. We are experts in delivering video to the right audience on YouTube, LinkedIn, Amazon, Facebook or Instagram. Let our experts guide you through the creation of a commercial or video promotion.

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