Conduct Your Customer Research Online: It’s fast & affordable

Providing exceptional customer experience is the Number One way to achieve competitive advantage.  Consumers today share the good and the bad of what they’re experiencing, immediately and to everyone, whether local or global.  That’s why customer service is central to business performance.  An outstanding experience with you produces loyal promoters who will buy more from you and refer you to their friends.

How can you be sure you’re providing exceptional customer experience?  And how can you obtain the critical customer insight that you need to better understand your customers, their needs and wants, and their perceptions of your brand?

Customer research remains the ideal way of getting honest feedback from those who matter – your customers.  There are many ways to do this.  Let’s look at two ways today.

Online Surveys and Facebook Surveys

Companies often use an Online Survey to get feedback from customers who have recently made a purchase with them, better understand specific needs they may have, or determine overall customer satisfaction.   Online surveys can also be used as a benchmark tool, repeating the survey periodically using the same questions and the same criteria, to assess a change in the level of satisfaction.

Facebook Surveys are a great new way to get feedback from “Likes” who may or may not be very familiar with your brand and its offerings.  It’s a good way to ask about new product ideas, segmenting responses from long-time customers from those of new customers.  Companies can use Facebook Surveys for learning more about their fan base by looking for correlations between fans and active customers.

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With many questioning the value of a presence on Facebook, a Facebook Survey can determine who is on the channel and quantify how much effort to put into it.  It’s a good idea to know who are the best customers, especially if you’re going to ask Facebook fans about their preferences related to your brand and products.

In this way, companies can enhance their Facebook programs with regular surveys in order to learn more about what their customers want and how they feel, as well as use this group of brand advocates to test any hypothesis you may have.

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