Digital Marketing Strategy – Discovery

With so many digital marketing strategies and tactics around today, they’re all fighting for your attention – and your marketing budget.  However, participating in everything available isn’t always the best way for a business to meet its overall goals. We are digital marketers, but, first and foremost, we are business professionals.  We know what it takes to build, run and succeed in business.  That’s why we ignore the buzz and fluff to focus on real results for our clients every time.  And it all starts with the Discovery Process. During this comprehensive process with a client, we bring a team of consultants and specialist together to have conversations about your business challenges and goals.  Where do you plan on leading your business over the next 12-24-36 months?  What’s the plan?

[icon size=’small’ color=’#c1cd23′ icon=’icon-home’ ]What in-house marketing resources are available to generate the needed support to meet your plan?
[icon size=’small’ color=’#c1cd23′ icon=’icon-tools’ ]Are there gaps that need to be filled and, if so, how to fill them?  Is your best option to hire, to audit and train someone already in place or to outsource?  And if outsourcing, what components and to whom?
[icon size=’small’ color=’#c1cd23′ icon=’icon-chart-line’ ]Are you getting the analytics you need to know to make big decisions?
[icon size=’small’ color=’#c1cd23′ icon=’icon-search-7′ ]Does your business model lend itself to success in Paid Search?  If not, are there alterations to the model that could enhance Search opportunity?  Is Search better just for branding for you right now or introducing a new product line?
[icon size=’small’ color=’#c1cd23′ icon=’icon-users’ ]What happens after all your digital campaigns drive leads to you?  Do you have the people and email solution in place to nurture those leads and convert them into to customers?
[icon size=’small’ color=’#c1cd23′ icon=’icon-chart-pie-1′ ]Do you need additional competitive intelligence to help make some of these decisions?
[icon size=’small’ color=’#c1cd23′ icon=’icon-clipboard-2′ ]Does what you’ve been doing need serious testing from specialists with a fresh and unbiased perspective?


These are just a few of the elements we’ll examine with and for you during your Discovery Process.

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