Does your company have an app?

We all use them. There are literally millions of apps. As you read this, as many as 400,000 developers around the world are working on new versions of existing apps or brand new apps. Don’t think that the folks at Google AdWords didn’t notice. The result is options advertisers can make within their AdWords account to promote their apps.

We have a number of clients who have created apps for use by their customers/subscribers and we’re encouraged by the results we’re seeing in driving traffic to discover those apps. In addition to getting more people to find your app, download and use it, there appears to be additional benefits to the owner of the app. We’re seeing that when traffic to apps in the Apple Store climbs, for example, the app will track higher in the listings of its particular category of app.

As apps get more traffic in App stores, the traffic increase is noted by store editors or managers, who can decide to put the app forward as “One to Watch.”

So, like everything in marketing, not one tactic achieves the ultimate goals, but all tactics working together strategically can achieve all goals. Test this yourself. The metrics are the proof in the pudding.

Leslie LewisAbout Leslie Lewis, Director of Paid Search – @Website Publicity

As  Director of Paid Search, Leslie Lewis leads the agency’s efforts in all online marketing, overseeing campaign management and strategy for search, social and mobile media buys.
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