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May 21, 2014 - Susan O’Neil, CEO



May 21 , 2014 |  |

Everything Google in Woodstock, VT May 23 – Join us!

Everything Google in Woodstock, VT May 23 – Join us!

It’s not too late to give yourself a break and get over to lovely Woodstock, Vermont for the annual VT/NH Marketing Group Conference. We asked our Google Agency support team to help bring attendees up to date on the fast changing world of Google, and they agreed. So, Mike Briggs will be hosting the much anticipated session Friday morning, a half-day panel discussion we call “Everything Google.”

Do you have some burning questions about any of Google’s products or what’s coming next down the pike? Googlers Samuel Mcelhinney and Eva Breitenbach will be addressing a number of hot topics, including Google Universal Analytics and the customer’s multi-device journey to purchase, and they promise to allow lots of times for Q & A.

Join us if you can.

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