Google Enhanced Campaign: Keep a close eye on it if you are managing your own AdWords campaign

There’s been much talk about Google’s move to integrate AdWords across devices while streamlining campaign management.  While a noble goal, the reality can be significant loss of efficiency if you are not careful.

If you are managing paid search campaigns for your company, you’re probably seeing changes in Google AdWords reports already, even if you only moved into the program on the formal launch date of July 22, 2013.  And if you let Google migrate the campaigns for you, now is the time to quickly check some critical settings for optimal performance.

Check your mobile bids. Since there is no way to opt out in campaigns settings, make sure your mobile bid modifiers are set correctly. If you do not intend to be on mobile devices, this should be set to -100%.

Tablets are now a required part of the mix too, with no way to adjust bids separately. So watch your CPC’s over the coming weeks, and you may need to adjust based on the new conversion rates you see from desktops and tablets combined.

Leslie LewisAbout Leslie Lewis, Director of Paid Search – @Website Publicity

As Director of Paid Search, Leslie Lewis leads the agency’s efforts in all online marketing, overseeing campaign management and strategy for search, social and mobile media buys.

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