Google Shopping Headaches & Flukes

Who hasn’t run into crazy flukes and roadblocks in getting your Google Shopping feed uploaded and activated just the way you’d expected? It’s been a common theme in many conversations we’ve had with our colleagues. At the recent National eTailing & Mail Order Association (NEMOA) conference where @Website Publicity helped put together a panel of Google staffers, we got a big hint about why that is. According to one of the presenters, for all of Google Shopping, he could count the members of the support team on one hand.

That’s right. Five or fewer people at that time to review, authorize and/or troubleshoot the feeds submitted to Google by merchants and their agencies around the country. Man, that must not be a stress-free job. And it certainly hasn’t been fun for agencies like ours to have to explain to some clients why feeds aren’t reviewed or activated more quickly.

We’re sure Google will be staffing up soon and it can’t be too soon for us. How about you?

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