Google’s Search Network Display Select. Yes or No?

Marketers pay attention when Google offers a new product or changes to a current program. A few months ago Google announced the option of choosing “Search Network Display Select” for Google PPC campaign managers when working within the AdWords interface. Our PPC managers pondered this for a while, trying to discern how this new bell or whistle could enhance their ability or efficiency in managing client campaigns.

We know that Search and Display are different and need to be treated differently in campaign management, not treated as a simple hybrid. So, we manage toward different goals in Search and in Display, and report on them separately as well. However, there are AdWords campaign managers who run one campaign in a hybrid model of Display and Search. It takes less time to do so.

Since our experience is that results improve when Search and Display are separate campaigns, with different strategies, creative, analysis and results, we probed further by looking straight to the horse’s mouth. Here it is, summarized, in Google’s Official Blog on AdWords:

Search Network with Display Select is now the best option for advertisers running ads across search and display within a single campaign.”

This might be a good time to find out from your in-house or outsourced PPC managers if they are running a hybrid campaign. If they are, they may wish to test the more complex but, in our experience, more successful way of looking at Display and Search as the two definitively separate, exciting and challenging campaigns they really are.

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