Guest Blogger Chris Middings Says: Content Marketing Increases Customer Value

In a recent digital marketing position at a consumer products company, I created a database that brought together Facebook, Ecommerce, Analytics, Email, and Google AdWords. My hope was to prove the value of engagement — to justify budget allocated for content creation. We’d been creating valuable content for years, surrounding our brand with advice and lifestyle articles where our brand would naturally fit in the consumer’s mind.

My expectations were not only met, but exceeded. By identifying consumers through their email addresses, we were able to tell that “Sarah” in our email program was also “Sarah” in our ecommerce store, in addition to being the “Sarah” who liked and engaged with our Facebook posts.

The increased value insights we gained:

  • If a consumer opened our email, they were worth $10 more than non-opens.
  • If they clicked through the email, an additional $8 was spent on ecommerce.
  • If a consumer liked our Facebook Page, they were worth $10 more.
  • If they engaged — liked, commented, or shared — with our content there they were worth an additional $9.

In addition to justifying our content creation budget, we were able to place a value on additional Email addresses and Facebook Likes, allowing us to measure the ROI on our new-to-file names.

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