Is It OK to Have a Video on Our Home Page or Are We Limited to a Still Image?

Well, if you ask an SEO geek like me:

As long as the video doesn’t auto load, it should be made available both on desktop and mobile and its size/download time will not have any effect on the page load time of the page where it sits.

  1. Always include the video for mobile users, at least as an option to view. Just having a still image isn’t going to do anything for mobile users, and their numbers continue to grow by leaps and bounds.
  2. I would consider always using the low-res unless it’s really bad or unless detail is crucial. If you want, you could include an option to run either the high-res with a note that it takes longer to load the high-res version. (but nearly all videos I’ve seen on mobile stream anyway).
  3. As far as ideal time length goes, ask 100 people and get 100 answers. Of course, the longer the video the larger the file. I know if I see something more than 5 or 6 minutes, I often won’t click on it or, if I do, drop out before it’s over.

Leslie LewisAbout Leslie Lewis, Director of Paid Search – @Website Publicity

As  Director of Paid Search, Leslie Lewis leads the agency’s efforts in all online marketing, overseeing campaign management and strategy for search, social and mobile media buys.
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