Let Us Help You Prune Your Business!

As I was hitting the Delete, Delete, Delete button while speeding through my morning inbox today, I did a double-take, then looked at my deleted files to check: Did I really see a subject line that said: “Let us help you prune your business”?

No. It had actually said: “Let us help you promote your business.”

OK, that’s better. Or is it? What’s the value proposition? Everybody says they can help you promote your business, whether they’re selling email marketing, billboards, social media advertising or event planning. Give me numbers. Tell me you can fill my lead funnel 20% faster or increase my Paid Search conversion rate by 10%.

Second, pruning is a rather interesting idea. Each spring, my husband and I start with pruning just about everything that grows in our yard and gardens. That gets rid of the dead weight of seasons past and allows fresh growth.

It’s certainly the same when we begin working with a new client. As the saying goes: Go first for the low hanging fruit. What we must remember is that often the lowest hanging fruit are the tactics that don’t work anymore and need to be clipped. Then, we seed new initiatives with proven forbearers, plus some planting is done to just to see how it turns out.

Let us help you prune your business!

I’m going to try that as the Subject Line for our next email marketing message.

Let Website Publicity help you prune your business’s marketing strategy so it better supports your business plan. For example, when we help brands prune back and then improve their email marketing programs, we have seen up to a Year over Year lift of 85% in response rate and, in one lovely case, an increase of 3,500% in the number of active leads being worked by the sales team – all based on a strategic, consistently building, email marketing campaign.

Happy gardening, everyone.

About Susan O’Neil, CEO – @Website Publicity
Founder & CEO, and co-author of Maximize Website Traffic, Susan speaks and writes frequently about Search, Social & Mobile Marketing.
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