New from Google: Your Product Reviews Can Work Overtime with AdWords Extensions

If you’ve done the good work to get 3rd party reviews of your products and/or services on your website, now you can reap some additional benefit. New from Google is the ability to include a relevant review within your AdWords ad. As the Google blog post points out, this type of additional information in your ads can help searchers understand why your product may be the right product for them.

If you have provided the functionality of 3rd party reviews to your customers but there aren’t many participating yet, now’s a good time to encourage that activity. How to encourage? You’ll find the way that works best for you, perhaps using your Facebook brand page to invite fans with a handy link or, like Athleta, emailing customers about 10 days after a purchase with a friendly thank you and a link to easily complete a review of the product purchased. The Athleta fans at our office say Athleta makes it unusually easy for people to review products and the result is some of the most descriptive, helpful and engaging product reviews around.

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