Paid Search & Landing Pages: Create Some Fireworks!

Do you sometimes find yourself waiting for your SEM agency to give you those “Oooh, Aaah” moments in PPC? Or maybe waiting for the person sitting one cube away in your marketing department to build new landing pages for your campaign?

There’s often a faster way to enjoy the excitement of improving sales and that’s by dramatically improving the ability of your web site/landing pages to convert. You know this. Maybe someone from your web/IT department has it on a “To Do” list to get to the A/B testing you’ve been hankering to identify and eliminate the weak points of your campaign. But, everyone’s busier than they need to be already, and you’re still waiting.

Fortunately, fairly recent technology allows you to start the rockets and sparklers yourself this July – or any time of year – by using products that allow extensive A/B testing of your site and landing pages to increase conversion without impacting or waiting for extensive web/IT assistance. You will have the ability to design two or more versions of a web page and then split the traffic between them for a set number of visits. With carefully designed, ongoing testing, your site will always put its best foot forward when it comes to converting visitors to customers.

Here’s a good comparison of the most common, user-friendly and popular A/B testing solutions available today.As always, there are pro’s and con’s to each. For example, free is good and Google Analytics Experiments is free. However, Visual Website Optimizer and Optimizely report in real time and Experiments doesn’t. Of course, for sites with less than huge traffic volumes, real time isn’t a big issue.

And if you still can’t find someone to help you get A/B tests rolling, talk to us about our SearchConvert conversion optimization program, which will do exactly that!

About Susan O’Neil, CEO – @Website Publicity
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