Bates Communication Case Study

Flexible, Powerful PPC for B2B.

Many think that pay-per-click (PPC) digital advertising is mostly for businesses trying to reach the consumer market. However, the strategies and tactics of PPC can be effectively applied to serve B2B marketers, too. This is certainly the case for client Bates Communications.

Bates Communications is a national consulting firm specializing in leadership communication skills and strategy. Founder and CEO Suzanne Bates is a former television anchor, a writer, speaker, and author of Speak Like a CEO, Motivate Like a CEO and the just released book Discover Your CEO Brand.

@Website Publicity is supporting the company’s business initiatives with PPC campaigns in Search, Social, Mobile and Display. The goal is to continue to grow awareness of Bates services, which include executive coaching and communications training, workshops and boot camps. The initial campaigns focused exclusively on lead generation, promoting the company’s expertise and service offerings. Because change management is currently a critical topic for America’s business leaders, we tested an offer for the Bates white paper, “Leading in the Age of Change: Three Critical Stages in Communicating Organizational Change”.

The results were an attractive conversion rate of 8% and a reduction of the cost-per-lead by 40%.

Recently, we added a new campaign to support the launch of author Suzanne Bates’ newest book, Discover Your CEO Brand.

In today’s economic climate, flexibility, speed, strategy and innovative tactics are required to keep a competitive edge, and Bates Communications is a savvy client who knows how to leverage it all.

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