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Display Advertising is Search Advertising+

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Display Advertising is Search Advertising +

In order to reach a wider audience and generate increased revenues, many advertisers are finding that sponsored search advertising, while highly profitable when done right, has volume limitations. Enter today’s display advertising!

Display advertising has improved since the early days of inadequate targeting and low returns. Now, with enhanced targeting options and the ability to pay per click rather than by impressions, display ads can earn the same or better returns as many other forms of advertising.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Display advertising has improved since the early days of inadequate targeting and low returns.

Access the Most Powerful Ad Network in the World

The Google Content Network reaches 80% of global internet users, larger than any other ad network. We help our clients efficiently reach users on hundreds of thousands of websites across all topics and audiences. Content Sites range from large, well-known sites like Forbes.com and FoodNetwork.com to niche sites and highly specific audiences. The Google Display Network can get your most important messaging and offers in front of more of your target audience, in more places, more often.

Target your potential

With options like Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks you can be sure to be marketing your business where your customers are. And with targeting options like age, location, gender, income and many more you can also be assured you’re in front of the right audience.

Our Search Display Advertising Services include:

Strategy – Our experienced marketing specialists will define with you the goals and objectives of each campaign to craft a comprehensive approach to the display channels. As these channels use different targeting and optimization techniques, a clear roadmap and experienced team is needed to drive success.

Campaign Set Up

Each campaign will be set up to target consumers based on certain behaviors (they visited the site, they read an article about your industry, etc). Each channel will have a separate campaign which can be analyzed and optimized separately for best performance.

Campaign Optimization

Regular tracking, analysis and adjustments at the campaign level and targeting level along with updates and testing of the image ads will be executed to generate the highest performance metrics.

Why @WSP?

Search Display Advertising should be considered only one component of your Search strategy. For mature Search programs that are looking for additional demand and revenue generating channels, display programs deliver that incremental revenue you want. The team at @Website Publicity is perfectly poised to support you in targeting and finding more customers using the display networks of Google and other proven media.