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Email marketing can boost sales & reinforce your brand

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Email marketing can boost sales, reinforce your brand, and offer your customers something they appreciate.

Good: You regularly send relevant email messages.
Better: You use a segmented database to personalize them.
Best: Put us on your team to do the above & much more.

Email marketing can boost sales, reinforce your brand, and offer your customers something they appreciate. The cost is low, the effort ongoing and the results can grow exponentially.

However, your message can too easily end up in spam folders, annoy customers, and worst of all, earn you fines. That’s why it’s critical to work with an agency like Website Publicity for email marketing campaigns structured right from the get-go to grow your database & your business!

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

What is your open rate? Click rate? Unsubscribe rate?

Create compelling and relevant content and it’ll all get better!

Ok, this might be obvious, but it cannot be overstated – creating relevant content increases open rates and click-throughs, reduces unsubscribes and engages your recipients. Engage us to help you create relevant, useful content that will get read and drive results.

Segment your list and personalize your messaging.

Segmenting your list is one of the best things you can do to improve open and click rates, while lowering unsubscribe rates. By segmenting your list and creating more targeted messaging, the recipient is more likely to act positively, such as click a link to learn more, and less likely to unsubscribe. We work with you to define your segments and create compelling messages to elicit positive response.

The Subject Line is Your Secret Weapon.

You don’t need Shakespeare or Emily Dickinson on your team. But you do need someone who can wield a mighty pen to create the Subject Line that is irresistible. We’ve got those copywriters ready to work for you.

Learn from your Analytics

Analytics are critical to understanding the success or failure of your email campaigns. Know what the average open and click rates are for your industry and exceed them. Website Publicity will gain valuable insights on your past performance to improve all campaigns moving forward.

Test, test, re-test, and A/B test!

Don’t be that Marketing person who sends out emails with broken links or spam-filter perfume. WSP uses a mix of both human and automated testing to ensure that links within your emails work, that they work on desktop, tablet and mobile, and that all of your campaigns are in compliance with CAN-SPAM and other best practices.

A/B testing is another opportunity that is often underused. Assuming creative, offers and landing pages are optimum is risky business. We work with clients to reduce the risk and enhance the performance of your entire email marketing program.

Bounce Management and Unsubscribes

Managing bounces and unsubscribes is critical to your time, and to your reputation. If an ISP notices you continue to send emails that bounce, they will consider this “spammy” behavior, which will impact your deliverability of future emails. Unsubscribe requests are also critical: give them a simple link to do so, making it instant and permanent. Website Publicity only works with ESP’s (Email Service Providers) that have these tools built into their email delivery products, which helps maintain your reputation and keeps you clear of blacklists.

We love email marketing as much as you do. And we’ll make you love it more.

The team at Website Publicity has successfully sent out millions of emails just in the past year. Analytics guide us and successful results reinforce our passion for our work. Put our collective knowledge to work for your business.