Some Old SEO Tips Still Hold True

It may seem too simple, but when we look at SEO client Analytics, we continue to see that simply implementing the old-time SEO basics on a consistent basis still contributes to the flow of organic traffic. Here’s a reminder of a couple of those SEO basics.

Each important page of your site, in other words, each page of your site that you’d love to have prospective customers land on, should have:


Titles (as referred to here, text within thedeclarations in the header code) are among the most important content on your site for SEO. Not only do search engines value what text is included here more than other areas of your website, this will become the clickable link on the search results page and is an opportunity to show a searcher you are relevant and worth a click.

Titles should be concise and describe the main focus of the content on the page. You title should be optimized for one 2-4 word key-phrase. It should not be a list of keywords you want to rank for. It should read naturally so it doesn’t look like spam when displayed in the search results.

• Less than 65 characters long (10-12 words)
• Primary keyword/s near the beginning
• Informative and compelling to your target audience (this will become the search result link)
• If space allows you can add your company name at the end

i.e. Custom Green Widgets by Company ABC, the Industry Leader.


Meta Description should be a summary, or abstract, of the content of the entire page.

• Up to 160 characters (anything beyond will get truncated)
• Include the primary keyword and any related terms you feel are relevant near the beginning
• Make the message compelling to your target audience; this could become your search listing description
• Branding opportunity is high; use your business name whenever possible within descriptions

i.e. Custom green widgets that fit all your manufacturing needs shipped overnight. Choose from over 1,000 widgets from Company ABC and order today.


Virtually useless for SEO purposes, the Meta Keywords tag, if used at all, should be a single 1-4 keyword phrase that best matches the content of each page.

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