Important News: Take Action by April 21, 2015. Google is taking the mobile user experience seriously

Google announced that on April 21 it will be fully rolling out a new algorithm for mobile searches that will benefit websites that fulfill its concept of mobile usability and give lower rankings to mobile sites that don’t meet the Google mobile usability standard. Since many clients are seeing 50% or more of their search traffic coming from mobile devices, losing ranking in mobile organic search would have a potentially highly negative impact.

Google has already begun crawling mobile URLs and issuing alerts to domain owners regarding mobile search ranking. If you’ve received an alert, you’ll find it in your Google Webmaster Tools. If you don’t have your Webmaster Tools set up, or don’t feel they’re set up properly, let us know because we’ve got team members who can do this type of set up for our clients. How to find out how you score? Google has supplied a quick and easy tool to see if your site’s mobile usability meets the standard and, if not, how you might go about improving your score.

Another benefit for those sites that “pass” the mobile test is they will be labeled “mobile-friendly” in mobile search results, which should draw more click-throughs.

Check your domain here:

Google Mobile Usability Test

If your mobile website is less than optimal, talk to us; we may be able to help.

Leslie LewisAbout Leslie Lewis, Director of Paid Search – @Website Publicity

As  Director of Paid Search, Leslie Lewis leads the agency’s efforts in all online marketing, overseeing campaign management and strategy for search, social and mobile media buys.

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