Treat a Good Customer Like a Good Customer & Treat Google Like a Customer, too.

If you were running a retail shop and a good customer walked in, how would you treat her? You’d welcome her, make it easy for her to find items that would interest her, share with her all the helpful information you know about those products and answer any questions she might have. After all, it’s your job to make it easy for her to buy from you and remain a happy, satisfied customer.

The core job of your website is to treat every visitor like your best customer. Is your site welcoming and easy to use? Can shoppers find what they want quickly and, when they find that special product, is it attractively displayed? Does the product page include all the details anyone might need to know in order to click the “Add to Cart” button? Strive to make the customer experience excellent across all devices, with mobile becoming more important to every business.

The ancillary, yet very important, job of your website is to be “findable” in the search engines. Fortunately, if your website is doing its primary job well, it will also have an advantage in the organic listings. That’s because Google and other search engines are laser-focused on their users’ experience. And consistently good shopping experiences that start with a search at Google are better served by Google’s algorithms than consistently poor shopping experiences. One measure of that – by shoppers and by search engines – is the quality, quantity, timeliness and relevance of content your website offers.

So, two birds with one stone. Great content pleases everyone.

About Susan O’Neil, CEO – @Website Publicity
Founder & CEO, and co-author of Maximize Website Traffic, Susan speaks and writes frequently about Search, Social & Mobile Marketing.
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