Knowledge is Power

Come to Concord NH Thursday and come away with real world information that empowers you to do more and better.

If you are responsible for marketing something – anything – as part of your work day, you will learn much that will be helpful to you by attending this powerhouse workshop in Concord, NH on Thursday, February 19 from 9 am – 4:30 pm.  The title “Who is looking out for your interests?” is apt.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll like everything you hear, because the presenters are famous for not pulling their punches.  But isn’t it time everyone spoke the truth instead of just trying to sell us all a load of goods about what we marketers MUST do in today’s world of merchandise and marketing?

Amy Africa, Bill LaPierre and Kevin Hillstrom will incite, excite, illuminate and, for some, frustrate during this special day and we’ll all be better off for being there.

I must admit bias for the sponsoring organization, the Vermont/New Hampshire Marketing Group.  As a past president and board member, I’ve seen that this organization can be depended on to bring top quality information to its members with no agenda other than to help us here in Northern New England succeed in our businesses.  A special early thank you to Bill and Shari LaPierre, as well as the ever ready Sari White, for the hard work put into making this event come together.   And sincere thanks to Amy and Kevin for making the trifecta possible for all attendees.

Please come join us if you can.  Call me if you have any questions about the organization.  It’s a winner.

About Susan O’Neil, CEO – @Website Publicity
Founder & CEO, and co-author of Maximize Website Traffic, Susan speaks and writes frequently about Search, Social & Mobile Marketing.
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