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5 Easy SEO Audit Tips

Creating content that engages and informs your target audience is critical and, by incorporating basic SEO tactics, you can amplify that value. In order to make sure your site benefits from ongoing optimization of content, conduct periodic SEO audits of your website; we recommend 2 – 4 times per year, depending on the amount of content and frequency of updates. This will not only prompt team members to contribute content regularly, but updating content optimization will ensure you’ve given the most important pages of your website the chance to shine in the search engine rankings.

1. Use Google Webmaster Tools – now called Search Console
I am still surprised that some companies don’t use some of the free tools available through Google. One of my all-time favorites is Google Webmaster Tools, rebranded as Search Console. It is a great place to find 404s or other issues.

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B2B Manufacturing Company Finds Success with LinkedIn

by Christine Doan, Associate Paid Search and Social Analyst

The Challenge
Many placements and platforms offer broad targeting options instead of the narrow, specialized targeting most B2B companies need to find qualified leads.  For our manufacturing client with an innovative and highly specialized product new to the market, getting in front of a qualified person was even more crucial.

The challenge was to identify the ideal prospect as well as the distinct characteristics of that prospect. Once we had this defined, we would select the appropriate platform for promoting to that prospective audience and create captivating content to engage them.

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Don’t Fear Amazon, or any sales channel.

by John Deming, Director of Business Development

Some brands still avoid selling any of their products on Amazon. For certain lifestyle brands, luxury brands or brands with heavy products that are costly to ship, a strategic choice to avoid Amazon may make sense. The rest of the companies who currently aren’t selling on Amazon may simply be leaving money on the table.

If you are a small to mid-sized company, selling your products on your branded website will likely cost you more than if you only sold through Amazon. Do the quick math — the cost of building and maintaining a mid-tier platform, the cost of the 3PL (Third Party Logistics – order processing, warehousing pick/pack and ship), the cost of consultants or the in-house marketing team, the Information Technology team, the cost to purchase and connect a marketing database CRM solution, the cost to host the site on a server… the list goes on. If you aren’t already making millions in online sales, your profit margins are likely razor thin the first time you run a promotion or discount to boost sales revenue.

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FAQ on SEO and the Yoast Plugin for WordPress

By Randy Duermyer, SEO Strategist

When we handle an SEO project for a client on a WordPress platform, we generally recommend the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. While there are other decent plugins for SEO, we find Yoast to be the most comprehensive, user friendly and it’s updated and refined constantly.

Yoast helps our clients optimize their new content as they create it, with immediate feedback on whether they are following SEO best practices. As clients attempt to optimize their new posts and pages after we’ve completed our work for them, they often come to us with questions on using Yoast to understand how its rating system works.

Here’s a look at some of those questions and our responses you might find useful, not only with respect to using Yoast, but in what are considered some SEO best practices today.

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