Yankee Candle Facebook Case Study

An Innovative Facebook Survey.

Facebook is unprecedented as a way to communicate and put your brand in front of millions of people. Yankee Candle wanted to know more about its Facebook fans; were they among their best customers?

Situation: Yankee Candle wanted to test Facebook to see if, and how well, its Facebook fans represented its 12-month customer base. It wanted to partner with @Website Publicity to create a targeted series of expertly-crafted questions. In obtaining the resulting data, Yankee Candle hoped it would provide guidance as to how much effort brand marketers should put into the Facebook channel.

Process: The Facebook survey questions were designed with the intent of obtaining accurate customer data and a high response rate. A high response rate was anticipated because participation in the survey, unlike other Facebook surveys, didn’t require the download of an app, or take participants out of Facebook and, thus, their desired social experience.

The survey asked participants to identify a number of factors, including which channels they used to purchase the brand’s products, how often they purchased, and other key points of interest to Yankee Candle’s marketing team.

Then @Website Publicity programmed the survey and the Yankee’s social media manager posted the invitation to participate on the brand’s Facebook page. Within hours, and with only one posting of the invitation, there were hundreds of responses. Nearly a thousand surveys were completed in just a few days.

Results: The Facebook Survey answered the important question for Yankee Candle regarding who is on that channel, and it helped them quantify how much effort should be put into that channel. The research also demonstrated that the Facebook fan base included a high percentage of frequent buyers purchasing in multiple channels. This quantification showed Yankee the channel can be taken seriously for future marketing and research efforts. They now feel comfortable committing more resources to the channel and regularly go to their Facebook fans for helpful information and to test any hypothesis they may have, all the while engaging their best brand advocates more deeply in the brand.

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